Duncan Babbage

@ Auckland University of Technology & The Centre for eHealth

Duncan Babbage, PhD, is a former clinical psychologist turned academic, researcher and entrepreneur. Duncan is Director of the Centre for eHealth at Auckland University of Technology and an Associate Professor in Rehabilitation at their Centre for Person Centred Research. Duncan’s research examines health innovation, the use of technology in healthcare, and neuropsychological rehabilitation after brain injury. In his other life Duncan is founder and developer of Intro, an iPhone app focussed on helping everyone to connect more effectively with people. Intro is like Contacts, on steroids. It includes a tool for learning names and recognising faces (based on errorless learning and spaced retrieval). Search tools for when you can only recall fragments enable searching notes, contact details and identifying people by their physical characteristics. The Centre for eHealth is at ehealth.aut.ac.nz. Find out more about Intro (@greatintro) at https://intro.fm and follow Duncan on twitter @dbabbage.