Ricky Buchanan

@ AT User and Innovator

Ricky is passionate about disability and chronic illness and thinks and writes a lot about assistive technology and how it fits into people’s lives. Her soapbox interests include people whose disability is caused by chronic illness, and those who are bedridden like her – two groups of people who are severely underserved by the current disability systems. With her art skills, and lived experience of being bedridden, in 2017 Ricky created the Energy-Saving Self Care Cards – a deck of cards to help those who are bedridden or homebound expand their self-care repertoires. When Ricky’s not designing new bits of assistive technology for herself, she uses her computer to draw, listens to endless hours of audiobooks, create websites and takes photos of her cat.

Ricky has contributed to recent publications with other ARATA members, and we are excited to have her expertise available for AATC 2018.